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Aisaika Organization Prospectus

What is Japan Aisaika Organization (JAO)?
Perhaps the world would become a little nicer and more peaceful if more of us start to show our appreciation and care for our wives. With this sweet concept, we are promoting the lifestyle of Aisaika, or Adoring Husbands, which might in fact be an unknown traditional culture of Japan.

The Mission of JAO
Japan Aisaika Organization is a group of slow-life initiative to preserve and enhance the Aisaika culture of Japan. The Aisaika group has been initiated by middle-aged men who had come to think that good and sustainable marital relationship may very well lead to the world peace and preservation of the global environment. In other words, “The Lifestyle of Wife-Conscious for Sustainable Marital Relationships.”

Our 3 Key Activities are:
1) Reviving the Aisaika Culture of Japan.
2) Studying the endangered population of Aisaika in order to protect and nurture them.
3) Disseminating the secret tips of Aisaika to help reduce the stagnation in marriages.

Honorary Chairman
Honorary Chairman of JAO is YAMATOTAKERU-NO MIKOTO who is known, from the myth of Nihon Shoki, as the first man to publicly announce himself as Aisaika to the world.
According to Nihon Shoki about 1900 years ago, when he heard of the sudden death of his wife named OTOTACHIBANA HIME, YAMATOTAKERU cried openly for his wife, shouting “How I love my dear wife!” Since then, YAMATOTAKERU has the image of the first Aisaika, and we are holding him as Honorary Chairman of JAO.

JAO Head Quarters in Tsumagoi Village
The Head Quarters of JAO is located in Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Today, the village is nationally famous as the leading producer of premium cabbages, but only a few know that it is in fact the very location where YAMATOTAKERU announced himself as the world’s first Aisaika. “Tsumagoi” and “Agatsuma” in Japanese literary mean “I love my wife,” and the village is the sacred ground for today’s Aisaika of the world.

The first snow fall of the winter in Tsumagoi Village, 5th December, 2005

Project Plans
1. Aisai-No-Hi (Beloved Wives Day) : “Thank-You to Wives.”
We made January 31 “The Beloved Wives Day” to urge the 3 million husbands in Japan to get home by 8 p.m. and say thanks to their wives for all they do.

2. “Mr. Aisakia of the Year” Award
The Advisory Council of JAO shall decide and award “The Aisaika of the Year. The Award shall be given to a celebrity who has exhibited his outstanding profile of Aisaika that may help promote the new Aisaika lifestyle.

3. Tsumagoi Aisaika Village Concept
This is a future plan to develop Aisaika Concept Town in Tsumagoi Village. We are looking to achieve collaboration between business, educational institutions and the administration to realize the ideal lifestyle of Aisaika by developing a town complex that may include residential areas, second houses, hotels, showrooms, shopping malls, etc.

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